NASA-LMT @ NODO: A Spectrophotometric Standard Star


One of the calibration standard stars (1630+33, red arrow) in the NODO survey strip.
The upper frame is an R Band NASA-LMT image acquired with the PV 1K CCD and
the loweris a Palomar Sky Survey (POSS) digitized photographic print. Located at
R.A.16.504 and Dec +32.903, the star has BVRI magnitudes of 16.44, 15.81, 15.63, and
15.41 respectively. The limiting magnitude in the upper R Band image at a SN ratio of
6.3 is 22.25. The difference in resolution and sensitivity between the two images is evident.
The green arrow indicates a high proper motion star (~0.5 arcseconds/year).North up,
West at left.