Cosmological Models Scorecard

At the Princeton meeting "Critical Dialogues in Cosmology" there was a session in which models for structure formation were rated. The session was chaired by Jim Peebles, with Carlos Frenk acting as Devil's Advocate.

The models which were presented were:

The models were scored on their ability to pass a variety of tests. We present the scorecard below in the form it took before the professors argued for a better grade!

Age > 11Gyr
h > 0.5
Cluster Baryon Fraction
Cluster Abundance
CMB Anisotropies
Large Scale Structure
q0=0.3± 0.3
Galaxies at z > 1
No Dwarfs in Voids
Bulk Flows
A scorecard showing the status of cosmological models, from the meeting held to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of Princeton University.

Martin White & Douglas Scott