*CITA National Fellowships*

Postdocs in astrophysics at UBC have a funding possibility via the Cita National Fellowships program. Winners of such fellowships perform research based at UBC with their nominating team, but have easy links to the Toronto centre of CITA. If you are interested in a CITA National Fellowship at UBC you should contact one of the researchers directly or Douglas Scott <dscott--AT--phas.ubc.ca>.

CITA is a national centre for theoretical astrophysics located at the University of Toronto. As part of its mandate to promote research throughout Canada, the Institute provides partial support for postdoctoral fellows working in theoretical astrophysics or closely related fields at Canadian universities other than the University of Toronto, through its National Fellows Program.

The responsibility for identifying and nominating potential CITA National Fellows who will work at a given university lies with the faculty at that university. Only faculty at Canadian universities may submit nominations.

The deadline for these nominations is November 15, 2011 for fellowships to start in September 2012.

If you are interested in applying for National Fellowships at other universities in Canada, please check the department websites for further research and application details or visit the CITA website for more information