NASA Orbital Debris Observatory Staff

Primarily Resident at NODO:

Mark Mulrooney, Ph.D., Project Scientist
Anna Scott, Chief Observer
Gary Montana, Computer Systems Administrator

Resident at NASA-JSC:

Eugene Stansbery, Project Manager
Kandy Jarvis, Data Analysts

Resident at Colorado Springs/Maui Space Surveillance:

        John Africano, Chief Data Analyst



        Dr. Paul Hickson, University of British Columbia

        Dr. Jim Wray, SciTech Astronomical Research

         Dr. Ermanno Borra, Laval University

        Eugene Dahl, Precision Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.

NODO's success has been made possible with the support of the following:

NASA Johnson Space Center:

Dr. Andrew Potter (ret)
Glen Cress (ret)
Christine O'Neill (ret)
Dr. Karl Henize (ret)
Lockheed Martin Company:

Bill Davidson 
Freeman Bertrand
Terry Byers
Frank Gibbons
Robert Weggeman
Barbara Nowakowski
Dr. David Talent
Dr. Mark Matney
Patrick Jones
Jerry Haynes
UCLA:  Dr. Ralph Wuerker
Professional Instruments Company: Steve Perry
NASA Goddard: Louis E. Bergeron, Original Web Page Author

NASA Orbital Debris Observatory

Background image of Uncatalogued Galaxy Quartet in Canes Venatici acquired with the NASA-LMT