What exactly *is* a liquid mirror telescope?

Dr. Paul Hickson at the University of British Columbia,Vancouver, B.C. (UBC) has a
comprehensive description of liquid mirror telescopes and their construction.
His Website also describes the 6.0 meter diameter Large Zenith Staring [Liquid Mirror] Telescope (LZT)
he is constructing in the UBC Research Forest.

Dr. Hickson designed and built the composite container which makes up the primary dish of NASA's LMT.
It is similar in design to the two other LMs also built by Hickson and shown here:
the UCLA 2.7m LIDAR and the UBC/Laval 2.7m telescope.

Dr. Hickson has been a friend and advisor from the early stages of NASA's LMT development.


Dr. Ermanno Borra and his students have performed much pioneering work which has made the R&D process smoother for
everyone involved. We are indebted to him and his group for the invaluable assistance they have offered.


Mark Frantz at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at IUPUI has a nice write-up of the the basic idea behind liquid mirror
telescopes. He also has a good description of the mathematics and theory behind the "Surface of a Spinning fluid"

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