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  Brett Gladman

Brett Gladman at the Astronomy group
of the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy , UBC
and Institute of Planetary Science

Brett Gladman , Full professor
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I teach (2019-2020 academic year):

ASTR 310 Our Solar System, Sept - Dec 2019
ASTR 502 Graduate, Astronomical Dynamics. Jan-April 2020

I recently taught :

ASTR 407/507 Planetary Sciences (Jan - Apr 2019)
ASTR 200 Frontiers of Astrophysics (Sept - Dec 2018)
ASTR 502 Graduate, Astronomical Dynamics. Jan-April 2017
ASTR 310 Our Solar System, Sept - Dec 2014
PHYS 306 Advanced Dynamics. Jan-Apr 2014
ASTR 304 Planetary Astronomy and Astrophysics. Jan-April 2013

Research Interests,

- Solar System: Dynamics, Formation, and Evolution
- Observations of small bodies in the solar system (Kuiper Belt comets, moons, asteroids)
- Meteoritics
- Non-linear dynamics and celestial mechanics
- Impact history of the solar system


CFEPS logo The OSSOS Survey (Outer Solar System Origins Survey, CFHT large program)

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Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey (Telescopic Kuiper Belt studies)

CFEPS logo NEOSSat (Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite, CSA mission)


Recent public/press information

Canadian-led Study casts Doubt on Existence of Planet Nine
Globe and Mail article (Release date : June 20 2017), and OSSOS website coverage

Older press/public information

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