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  Brett Gladman's press links

Brett Gladman's press links

Recent research


Discovery of the first retograde transneptunian object.

Information (Release date : July 16 2008).

We have discovered the first transneptunian (or Kuiper Belt) object which orbits the Sun with an orbital inclination larger than 90 degrees, in a survey far north of the ecliptic plane.
This extreme discovery points to a new understanding of where the Halley-type comets originate.

Older research

Discovery of 'Buffy'; a high-i TNO on a nearly circular orbit at 58 AU

Information (Release date : Dec 13 2005).

Discovery of irregular satellites of Jupiter.

Information (Release date : Jun 3 2003).

Discovery of 3 irregular satellites of Neptune.

Links to this story (Released Jan 13 2003).

Discovery of an additional irregular satellite of Uranus.

See the Uranian Irregulars Homepage for information regarding this discovery (Oct 2002).

Orbit determination of 2000 CR105

Information (Released Mar 31 2001).

Discovery of new irregular satellites of Saturn.

Information and Press releases (Updated Dec 17 2001).

Discovery of a binary Kuiper Belt object.

JJ Kavelaar's announcement page (Updated Dec 10 2001).

First recovery of the new jovian satellite S/1999 J 1.

See the ESO Press office web page for information regarding this result (August 4 2000).

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