Brett Gladman -- Selected Publications

ADS Listing for B. Gladman (refereed papers only)
`Discovery of a low-eccentricity, high-inclination Kuiper Belt object at 58 AU' (2007)
Allen, Gladman, et al. (Astrophysical Journal Letters)
PDF file (80 kb)

`Production of the extended scattered disk by rogue planets' (2006)
Gladman and Chan. (Astrophysical Journal Letters)
PDF file (0.5 Mb)

`The Kuiper Belt and the Solar System's Comet Disk'. (2005) Science, invited review.
PDF file (1.1 Mbytes)

`Decoherence Time Scales for Meteorite Streams' (2005) Pauls and Gladman. (Meteoritics and Planetary Science)
PDF file (1.2 Mb)

`Evidence for an extended scattered disk.' (Icarus 2001, vol 157, 269-279)
PDF file (0.5 Mb)

`The Structure of the Kuiper Belt: Size Distribution and Radial Extent' (AJ, 122, 1051-1066, 2001)
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Palomar `TNO Pencil-Beam' paper (AJ, Oct. 98)
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Doctoral thesis (Cornell University)

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