ihs Ingrid Stairs
Astronomy Group
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of British Columbia
6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Office: 332 Hennings Building
Phone: 604-822-6796
Fax : 604-822-5324
Email: stairs@astro.ubc.ca

Research Interests: Searching for and timing radio pulsars, and using the data to learn about neutron-star astrophysics, binary evolution and general relativity, among other topics. Learn more here (and see my publication list). If you are a UBC student and are interested in working on pulsars, please contact me!

UBC pulsar group, 2012 edition
Aaron Berndsen, postdoc
Weiwei Zhu, postdoc
Laura Kasian, Ph.D. student
Emmanuel Fonseca, M.Sc. student
Erik Madsen, M.Sc. student
Jennifer Bean, M.Sc. student
Heidi Fedorak, undergraduate student
Mark Tan, software engineer

Some former group members
Marjorie Gonzalez, postdoc
Joeri van Leeuwen, postdoc, now at ASTRON and University of Amsterdam
Robert Ferdman, Ph.D. student, now postdoc at University of Manchester
Steve Begin, M.Sc. student, now Ph.D. student at Universite Laval
Cindy Tam, visiting researcher
Bryan Fong, software engineer
Steve Mairs, undergraduate student
Raymond Lum, undergraduate student
Angus Cherry, undergraduate student
Christie McPhee, undergraduate student
Jennifer Parry, undergraduate student

Interested in doing a pulsar postdoc at UBC?

ASP/GASP (plus other backends) observing instructions and setups.

Hints for migrating from tempo1 to tempo2.


Links to information on pulsars, astronomy and physics.

Various people and where to find them.