(Mostly) GUPPI/PUPPI/ASP observing instructions, with GBT and AO project-specific information

P-ALFA signup page is here.
The GUPPI Astrid guide is here. Older webpages: setup instructions are here and data-taking instructions are here. Both of these are linked from this page. These are GBT pages maintained by Scott and Paul -- contact them with questions!
Initial PUPPI instructions are here, thanks to Paul.

Generic ASP/GASP operating instructions can be found here.
Rob's instructions for writing 0737-3039 GASP data to disk.
A quick version of the operating instructions for the now-defunct BCPM is here. Note that this page contains useful IF/LO convertor-rack frequency information that also applies to GASP.
It is assumed here that all observers understand how to operate the GBT using Astrid, and how to use vnc. For an example of astrid+spigot (now also not used!), see this email from Scott Ransom here.

Current channel offset configurations for ASP, updated May 28, 2008. These change every time a data server has problems and we need to swap EDT cables around. This is another useful thing to check in troubleshooting.

ASP, 2-ds mode
chan_offset 0: ds2
chan_offset 8: ds1

Currently dead nodes, as of July 22, 2010:
ASP: many. ASP is slowly becoming unusable.

Setup instructions for specific GBT and AO projects. These are intended as reminders for observers with a little experience; if anything looks overly mysterious, please contact Ingrid for ASP clarification and Paul or Scott for GUPPI/PUPPI clarification.